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embrace your eternal influence

The You and Titus 2 material was created to inspire godly women to embrace their biblical assignment, to teach what is good and so train younger women (Titus 2:4-5).  When this becomes the cultural norm in a  church family, the entire body of Christ is impacted for generations. Using the Titus 2 directive, Donna affirms the beauty of womanhood according to God's design for the benefit of the local church. 

     + The training is appropriate for women's retreats or small group studies.          This can be accomplished in person or via Zoom meetings online.

   + The training applies to women who seek to live out the Gospel in         obedience to God's Word.  

   + A discipleship survey can be utilized to evaluate how effective the       Titus 2 ministry is currently being accomplished in your church.

   + Donna will consult with your women's leadership team prior to and       following the training of your women. 

Contact You and Titus 2 for more details about the You and Titus 2 Training opportunity for the women of your church. 

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